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Renault Megane smuggling denied by Iran

LONDON, October 31 (IranMania) - Iran's Ministry of Industries and Mines has denied reports that Renault Megane cars have been smuggled into the country, Iran Daily reported.

“We have not received any report confirming this,“ said Qader Soleimani, the ministry’s director general for international relations.

The official further said that Turkey is looking eagerly for the resumption of Megane exports to Iran. “The Megane cars which are in the country now are those which were imported before the government banned the import of cars from Turkey,“ he said, adding that no Megane car has been imported illegally.

“Such speculations (that the cars are smuggled into the country) are aimed at exerting pressure (on the government),“ he said, pointing out that the Turkish authorities will have to resolve the problem.

Iran said last week that ’establishment of suitable commercial and industrial interaction between Iran and Turkey is the main prerequisite for the import of Renault Megane sedan’ from that country.

Minister of Industries and Mines Alireza Tahmasbi said there are some problems regarding after-sale-services of Megane cars.

“We should look more deeply into the macroeconomic problems and commercial transactions with Turkey,“ he told ISNA.

Asked about the reason for the Ministry of Industries and Mines’ suspension of Megane import, he said that necessary standards should be observed for issuing import permits.

Turkey, he said, placed a lot of unreasonable obstacles in the way of importing Iranian commodities including glass and agricultural products, adding that the two countries’ ministries of industries, commerce and roads have been in contact to overcome them.

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Renault Megane smuggling denied by Iran
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